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The History


The Villa is located on the top of the eponymous hill - Santa Brigida - and its history goes back in time.

In the fourteenth century, a votive chapel dominated the hill; three centuries later, it was demolished to make way for a fortress. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the city of Pinerolo and the surrounding area were besieged and later ruled by the French. With the Peace of Cherasco between the King of France and Vittorio Amedeo I Duke of Savoy, the town of Pinerolo with its surroundings became part of France for the second time. In that period, the fortifications were strengthened and massively expanded. The castle was rebuilt with a new project and became, along with the city below, a top ranking fortress. In 1696, when the war was over, Pinerolo returned under Savoy rule, and all military buildings and fortifications were destroyed, including the remnants of the fortress of Santa Brigida.

On the hilltop, the votive chapel was rebuilt and it continued to be used until the mid-1800s, when the property was sold to a private party.

Today all that remains of the ancient church is the small bell tower with its original bell, incorporated in the oldest part of the Villa.

Villa Santa Brigida, during the Fascist period, belonged to the Treves, a Jewish family that during World War II was forced to flee to America, entrusting the property to the farmer that had always taken care of it.

After the war, the family returned to Italy and to Santa Brigida; as prescribed by Jewish tradition, at the birth of the first son, they planted a beech tree in the garden. That same beech still can be seen in all its majesty from various vantage points in the surrounding territory.

When the Treves family sold it, the house was owned by Senator Rotta, then by the Scorza family and finally in 2001 it became the property of the Gabbai family.

The first to fall in love with the place was Mrs. Laura, who took care of all the necessary renovations to return the Villa to its strength and splendour, giving special attention to preserving the environment and to energy efficiency.

Today you will be welcome by Emma, her younger daughter, who is committed to giving new life to Villa Santa Brigida with passion and dedication, opening its doors to the public, so that all those who wish can enjoy the peace and beauty of this magical place.

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